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Escanor in The Seven Deadly Sins: A Powerful Character Analysis

Escanor, a prominent character in The Seven Deadly Sins anime, emerges as a fascinating figure with a captivating storyline. Formerly a prince in the Kingdom of Castellio, Escanor’s life was marked by misery due to his weakness and timidity.

However, everything changes when he awakens his power, known as Sunshine. During the day, he becomes an immensely powerful individual filled with pride, while at night, he becomes weak and shy. With his unique abilities and deep affection for his comrades, Escanor proves to be a valuable asset to the Seven Deadly Sins, as the lion, sin of pride.


The article on ‘Escanor in The Seven Deadly Sins’ explores different aspects of this fascinating character. This section provides a breakdown of the content covered in the article, including personality traits and interesting trivia related to Escanor.


Escanor’s personality is multi-faceted and captivating. At daytime, he radiates immense power and confidence, embodying pride and strength. However, as night falls, he transforms into a timid and feeble individual. This stark contrast in his personality adds depth to his character, showcasing the complexity of a man whose strength is tied to the sun’s presence.


  • Escadora is the name of the axe that Escanor wields, which becomes an extension of his power during his daytime form.
  • His ability, Sunshine, allows him to harness the intense power of the sun, making him almost invincible during daylight hours.
  • Despite his prideful nature, Escanor harbors a deep love and loyalty for his comrades in the Seven Deadly Sins, willing to sacrifice himself for their safety.
  • Escanor’s backstory reveals a troubled past as a prince in the Kingdom of Castellio, where his weakness and shyness alienated him from his own family.
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The article delves further into Escanor’s personality and trivia, providing a comprehensive understanding of this enigmatic character in The Seven Deadly Sins. Stay tuned for the upcoming sections that explore other intriguing aspects of Escanor’s journey.


When delving into the vast world of The Seven Deadly Sins and exploring the intriguing character of Escanor, it’s essential to have a smooth and efficient navigation experience. Here, we provide you with a comprehensive guide to navigate through the depths of Escanor’s story and his role within The Seven Deadly Sins anime.

Character Background

To truly understand the journey of Escanor, it’s crucial to delve into his background and learn about his origins as a prince in the Kingdom of Castellio. Discover how his life took a dramatic turn and how he found his place among the renowned Seven Deadly Sins.

Personality Traits

Uncover the multifaceted persona of Escanor as we explore his personality traits, both during the day and at night. Witness his transformation from a powerful and prideful warrior under the sun to a timid and vulnerable individual during the moonlit hours.

Sunlight Ability: Sunshine

Dive into Escanor’s extraordinary ability known as Sunshine. Explore the intricacies of this power and how it enhances his already formidable combat skills. Learn how his reliance on Sunshine shapes his role in battles against formidable foes.

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Interactions with Other Characters

Examine Escanor’s relationships with other key characters within The Seven Deadly Sins universe. From his deep admiration for Meliodas, the leader of the Seven Deadly Sins, to his selfless sacrifices for his comrades, witness the complexities of his interactions with various personalities.

Crucial Moments and Story Arcs

Unearth the significant moments that define Escanor’s character arc and his impact on the overall story progression within The Seven Deadly Sins. From his epic battles to pivotal revelations, follow Escanor’s journey as he navigates through the world of magic, demons, and betrayals.

Legacy and Final Departure

Explore the lasting impact of Escanor’s character and his ultimate departure in the final season of The Seven Deadly Sins. Reflect on his legacy, the lessons learned from his experiences, and the void left by his absence within the series.

With this comprehensive navigation guide, you can now embark on an immersive journey through the world of Escanor and his unforgettable contribution to The Seven Deadly Sins.

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